LND updates
Check for the latest official release and notes: https://github.com/lightningnetwork/lnd/releases/
WARNING for every major version update: After the migration the LND database will be only compatible with that new version and above. This means that the update script needs to be run each time when a clean RaspiBlitz SDcard image is used to access the LND database.


Before updating it is most recommended to make a full backup of the LND directory. This is not be restored after LND is successfully restarted!
  • Run this line in the RaspiBlitz terminal to use the built-in script:
    $ /home/admin/config.scripts/lnd.rescue.sh backup
    More info about this process in the FAQ
  • Run in the RaspiBlitz terminal to use:
    # download
    wget https://raw.githubusercontent.com/openoms/lightning-node-management/master/lnd.updates/lnd.update.sh
    # look through the script
    cat lnd.update.sh
    # run
    bash lnd.update.sh
  • asks about the parameters every time then downloads and verifies accordingly:
    $ bash lnd.update.sh
    # Input the LND version to install (eg. '0.15.0-beta.rc3'):
    # Input the name of the signer (eg: 'roasbeef'):
    # Input the PGP key fingerprint to check against (eg. 'E4D85299674B2D31FAA1892E372CBD7633C61696'):
  • Download and run this script on the RaspiBlitz:
    # download
    wget https://raw.githubusercontent.com/openoms/lightning-node-management/master/lnd.updates/lnd.from.source.sh
    # inspect the script
    cat lnd.from.source.sh
    # run
    bash lnd.from.source.sh
  • Will ask for the commit to checkout from. Choose a commit ID from this list: https://github.com/lightningnetwork/lnd/commits/master