Main guide

Manually build your own Bitcoin & Lightning full node on a Raspberry Pi.
Get started at https://raspibolt.org/

Extra guides (i.e. not yet merged in the main RaspiBolt guide)

  • Balance of Satoshis & Telegram Bot: a CLI tool to work with LND channel balances, create a node monitoring Telegram bot and that has many other useful features
  • charge-lnd: a simple policy based fee manager for LND
  • Circuit Breaker: a lightning "firewall" that protects your node against HTLCs flooding attacks
  • nodeeyez: display panels to get the most from your node
  • rebalance-lnd: a CLI tool to manage your channel liquidity by doing circular rebalancing
  • ThunderHub: a web GUI to manage your node locally or remotely via Tor
  • Upgrade from 32-bit Raspibolt to Ubuntu Server 64-bit OS: how to convert a 32-bit legacy RaspiBolt node to 64-bit OS (not compatible with RaspiBolt v3)
  • WireGuard: (outdated guide) a VPN you can install to access your RaspiBolt from outside without openning more than one port of your route