Hardware recommendations

Raspberry Pi 4

A love-hate relationship

  • it is a minimal viable hardware with up-to-date linux kernel

  • a closed source binary blob required to boot aka. ThreadX

  • Known problems:

  • previous RPi generations are not suitable

  • power-supply: quality >3A ; official RPi or Pimoroni

  • USB-SATA adapter needed - decide by tests and recommendations, not price

  • good experience with the Suntronics/GeekWorm X825 board whoc halso had the option to power the directly disk with a 4A barrel connector and the RPi through built in PoGo pins.

  • SDcard: use min 32GB and Endurance type Sandisk/Samsung. If the OS si islow might be the first sign of failure - have a low threshold for ching the SDcard.

  • Disk: use tested 1TB SSD models. Bigger sizes and some models with onboard cache tend to have power spikes and resulting freeze / disconnection from the RPi.

  • a UPS is a must as cold-restarts will corrupt data

Shopping list with keywords: https://github.com/raspiblitz/raspiblitz#amazon-shopping-list-buy-parts--build-it-yourself


  • more power - still energy efficient

  • built in battery

  • screen and keyboard to manage


Home server

  • Still can be a big saving on hosting despite higher power usage

  • Unlimited storage with disk redundancy (ZFS)


  • ECC RAM to prevent data corruption in memory

  • Multiple disks to use a checksumming, "self-healing" software RAID like ZFS

  • Avoid hardware RAID cards - often another source of problems and recovery is not possible with other hardware

Use a minimal VPS with ZeroTier or Tailscale to tunnel services to a public domain

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